The Innokin Proton Mini Express is a pocket-friendly sub ohm vape device capable of a high power output. The large 3400mAh built-in battery will provide up to 120W of power, as well as long battery life. The output and customisable modes mean you can pair the Proton Mini with a number of vape tanks and rebuildable atomisers.


  • Innokin sub ohm device
  • 6 – 120W output range
  • 3400mAh built-in battery
  • Variable Wattage mode
  • Temperature Control mode
  • Wattage Curve mode
  • Temperature Curve mode

Designed for the vaper on the go, the Proton Mini has a number of time-saving features to make everyday use that bit simpler. Instead of a classic button system, it instead has a responsive joystick that allows the user to navigate the newly designed interface with ease. The battery is large enough to provide up to a full day of vaping reports Innokin, when the battery does run flat the 2A current makes recharging very quick.

With an advanced vape device like this, customisation is a key feature. The Proton Mini mod is fitted with an advanced chipset. Not only providing multiple protections to the user and the device, but this chipset also provides you with a range of programmable output modes. You can use Variable Wattage mode to directly set power output, Temperature Control mode to stop your coils burning and the two Curve modes to programme your ideal vape.

Overall, the Innokin Proton Mini Express sub ohm device is a real workhorse, combining a sleek design with enough features to allow you to truly tailor your vaping experience.



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